Anonymous asked: I feel the same way about my computer. There are... very dirty things there. If I haven't logged off I'm anxious about it all day.

No I mean like laying around in my room my computer is even worse.

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Dog has a stick he is happy.

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Bored someone chat with me.

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Kosen こせん, sake flask in the form of an Akita dog 秋田犬, decorative arts, 1930s


Kosen こせん, sake flask in the form of an Akita dog 秋田, decorative arts, 1930s

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"So you successfully smuggled a gun into a monastery, and shot the only person in there who wasn’t a werewolf"

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I feel like someone is touching things in my room. It’s like a sixth sense. I hope they aren’t I’ve got dirty things laying around in there still…

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My boyfriend should really own one or all of these shirts


This site is fucking hilarious though just look in the animal section

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Bunnies for an anon!

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Dog parkour [video]


Dog parkour [video]

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Foxy Love by thrumyeye
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